Edoola is primarily a 'Learning Management System (LMS)' . It is very similar to other LMS systems like Moodle but with a main difference that it comes with a versatile assessment / test engine that enhances personalisation and improving learning outcomes.

You may use Edoola in the following ways depending on your requirements.

As a Training / Coaching Institutes:

  1. Create and deliver tests to your students
  2. Create Test series or course sell online / offline to either your students or others
  3. Create and share Public Tests as samples
  4. Share Videos and Documents as learning material or solution to questions in the tests.
  5. Create and maintain student groups
  6. Send broadcast and individual message to students
  7. View Aggregated Reports and also individual answer papers

As a Content Creator:
  1. Create Learning Material / Tests / Question bank
  2. Sell 'Online Course' or 'Test Series' to Training / Coaching Institutes in bulk for delivering to their students
  3. Sell 'Training Products' to students directly

As a Student:
  1. Study learning material / take tests shared with you by your training institute or those which you purchased
  2. View detailed analytics / reports on your performance

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