Tests are classified into 2 types, 'Static and Dynamic' as shown below.

Static Tests Dynamic Test
Randomly choose questions each time from Question Bank No Yes
Deliver questions in random order* Yes Yes
Randomise options in multiple choice types** Yes Yes

* - The delivery of questions in random order is False by default. This is a test paper level parameter and can be enabled anytime.
** - The randomisation of options in a multiple choice type question (MCQ & MCQM) is True by default and is a question level parameter called 'Shuffle'. Change this to False if not required.

Static tests can be directly created using the Rich text editor inside Edoola or they may be created externally as text files or .csv files that can be generated using tools like MS Excel. Even PDF files can be used as question papers. 

In order to create a dynamic test, you will need to firstly create a question bank and then define a dynamic test paper to draw questions from that question bank based on your choice of subject, topic and subtopic or difficulty level.