In Edoola, you can deliver a test in various modes depending on the stage of learning and purpose. The difference between the various modes is illustrated using the table below. Irrespective of whether the test paper is static or dynamic, it can be delivered in any of these modes.

Practice Assignment Assessment Evaluation Qualitative Assessment
Show end result to student No Yes Yes No No
See answer after each question Yes No No No No
See questions in full page mode Yes No No No No
Can go back among questions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Qualitative (No correct answer) No No No No Yes
Time limit for test No No Yes Yes Yes


  1. The Practice test may be taken any number of times and only changes state from 'Not Viewed' to 'Not Started' to 'Attempted'. There is no 'Graded' state for it.
  2. The 'Qualitative Assessment' is the type to be used for personality tests / psychometric assessments where there are no correct or wrong answers but just a value for each answer.