In a question bank, questions are organised as shown below. The same also holds good for each individual test paper.

Classification by Subject:

The questions are classified by subject in a 3 level structure

  1. Subject
  2. Topic
  3. SubTopic

Thus, you can have questions classified (for example) as shown below.

Subject Topic SubTopic
Question. 1 Math Algebra
Question. 2 Math Calculus Differentiation
Question. 3 Math

Question. 4 Math Arithmetic
Question. 5 Math Arithmetic

Only the subject is mandatory. A question may or may not have a Topic of SubTopic defined.

Classification by Difficulty level:

Questions can also be classified as per the difficulty level in 3 levels as shown below.

  1. Easy (Level 1)
  2. Medium (Level 2)
  3. Difficult (Level 3)

Again, such classification is not mandatory. If not defined, by default, all questions will be assigned to 'Easy' . They may be changed later though.

All these parameters can be included while uploading a file containing questions as described in the article on 'Upload File Format'.