Questions can be added any time to the question bank in multiple ways.

  1. Add questions directly after logging into the site. Open the question bank and then click on 'Add Question' to do so.
  2. Upload questions using a file in the prescribed format. Note that every time you upload questions, they are added to the bank. Hence, you would need to take care that there is no duplication. If the given Subject, Topic already exists, then the question will be added to that or else, a new subject / topic shall be added. Please also take care to avoid spelling mistakes while specifying subject / topic since that would result in a new item being added.

All types of questions are supported in both modes. A Rich Text Editor is available to help you format the text, add images, hyperlinks etc.

Tip: If you need to just add a few quick questions which mostly have text, then it can be easier to just create them in the site. If you have a lot many questions to upload in various subjects and also need to classify them by difficulty level, have images etc, then it can be easier to prepare them in one of the supported file formats and upload them.