Edoola supports 3 file formats for uploading questions or test papers as described below. You may use the type that you prefer. 

File type Use
.txt file While directly typing in questions
.csv file While building questions using a spreadsheet tool
.pdf + .csv file To quickly get started

Hence, as a summary, we can define the use of the various file formats as given in the below table.

Adding images to questions using the .zip file format:

If you wish to add images to questions, answer options or solutions, 
  1. Save all required images as .jpg, .png files (Smaller file size ensures faster deliver. Hence, do take care of it.)
  2. Mention the file names in the place where you want them to appear in the .txt or .csv file enclosed by < and >, whether it be in a particular question, answer option or answer.
  3. Zip the .txt or .csv file together with all the image files to create a .zip file.

The system will recognise the images automatically and place them where they are referred.

  1. When using the .pdf file format, the pdf file should contain the questions and the .csv file should contain the answer options, answers, solution, subject classification etc.
  2. It is recommended that you use a tool like NOTEPAD++ to prepare .txt files and any spreadsheet tool like MS Excel to prepare the .csv files.

Refer this article on 'Sample Files' to know how to format the files.