This article shows how you can upload such a file to create a test paper.

Required Inputs:
  • A text or csv file as given in the 2 example files below.

Text File Format   


CSV File Format   



  1. Download either of the two files (.txt or .csv) shown on the right side.
  2. Login to your Edoola site
  3. Go to Manage / Content page (By default, you will land on Inbox page after you login)
  4. Click on 'Add Content'
  5. Click on 'Upload Test'
  6. Browse and select the file you downloaded
  7. Click on Upload button
  8. Refresh the page and wait for Status changes to 'Draft',  (usually, in just 1 click of 'Refresh' )
  9. Click on the name of the test you just uploaded to see the details.
  10. Click on 'Preview' to see how the test will appear to the student.
  11. Take the test

Time required to execute steps: 2 minutes

Further Scope:

  • If you want to include images in the test, you need to use the .zip file format. Refer this article on 'Using images in questions'.
  • You can also create a new folder, select the folder and then upload a test / document inside that folder.

Note: You may download sample files by clicking on the images shown above.