Edoola supports a wide variety of question types as listed below. They are classified as Objective type (which can be evaluated automatically) and Subjective type (which has to be evaluated by the trainer). The code used for each question type in Edoola is specified in brackets.

Objective type Questions

  1. Single Answer Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
  2. Multiple Answer Multiple Choice Question (MCQM)
  3. Word or short phrase answer (Word)
  4. Number answer (Number)
  5. Rating (Rating MCQ)

Subjective type Questions
  1. Simple Long Text Answer  (PlainText)
  2. Rich Text Answer (RichText)

Special Types
  1. Fill in the blanks, which can have multiple words in a sentence. (Fill in the blanks)
  2. Dropdown, lets student select an optional word / phrase number in between a sentence. (Fill in the blanks)
  3. Multiple word or number answers (Mixed)

Grouping of Questions
This type contains a 'Passage' at the beginning followed by one or more questions of any of the above types which are to be answered using the inputs in the 'Passage'
  1. Reading Comprehension (Passage)
  2. Data Interpretation (Passage)

  • A word answer can be made case sensitive but by default it is not case sensitive.
  • Rating MCQ is a type used in personality / psychometric tests where there are no correct / wrong answers by just a rating for each question. This is also evaluated automatically.