This article defines a 'tag' and gives a comprehensive list of all Tags that are used in TestVita. The Tags are the same for both primary file formats (.txt) and (.csv). The way the tags are use in the two file formats though differ a little. 

Definition of Tag

A Tag is a specific word that is used to tell the TestVita system what 'content' is given thereafter while building content in either of the .txt or .csv file formats for direct upload.

Example tags in text (.txt) file format

As can be seen below, the tags in a .txt file must be followed by the following before the content is typed to the right of it on the same line.

  1. A full stop / dot
  2. A Space

Title. English Grammar test

Duration. 5

Subject. English

Topic. Grammar

Example tags in spreadsheet (.csv) file format

As can be seen below, the tags in a .csv file are simply separated by commas and do not need any additional full stop / dot or space. The content is written in the next line below it.


English Grammar test,5,English,Grammar

Comprehensive list of Tags

Header Tags

  1. Title
  2. Duration
  3. TestType
  4. Subject
  5. Topic
  6. SubTopic
  7. UseLaTex
  8. Instruction

Question Tags

  1. Question
  2. Type
  3. Option  (This must be followed by an alphabet or number to make it complete. Example Option A , Option 3 etc)
  4. Options (This must be followed by a set of alphabets / numbers to make it complete. Example A,B,C,D,E or 1,2,3,4,5 etc. This tag is useful in Rating MCQ type of question)
  5. Answer
  6. Subject
  7. Topic
  8. SubTopic
  9. Marks
  10. NegativeMarks
  11. Level
  12. Shuffle

Group Question Tags

  1. BlockQuestionBegins
  2. BlockQuestionEnds
  3. Passage


  1. Tags are case sensitive. Hence, UseLaTex cannot be written as uselatex
  2. A Tag must be at the beginning of a line in a .txt file
  3. Only one tag can be used in a single line in a . txt file
  4. Tags must start at the beginning of a line in a .csv format and be separated by commas
  5. Some tags can have only a specific set of values while others are open.
  6. All content seen before the appearance of another tag is considered as content for that tag in a .txt file
  7. Every question must start with the Question tag in the .txt file format while in the csv file format, the tags may be arranged in any order
  8. The values of Subject, Topic and SubTopic if defined in each question will over-ride the value specified in the header for that question