This article demonstrates how a user list can be uploaded and organised into multiple groups at once.


A .csv file containing user list as in the file attached below.

User list upload format


The contents are as shown below.






  1. The first line is mandatory and the variable names like "first_name", "email" have to be spelled correctly. Else, they will be treated as custom variables.
  2. The order in which the variables are specified does not matter
  3. Specify a group if required. If a group with that name does not exist, it is created and users are added to this group. Else, they are added to the existing group of that name. If no group is specified, then users are added to current group seen in the User Interface.
  4. Only first_name and email id are mandatory. Other fields may be left empty


  1. Create the file using a spreadsheet tool like MS Excel and save it as a .csv file
  2. Go to Manage / Users page
  3. Cick on 'Add Group' if no groups exist or you want to add students to a new group, give a name and save.
  4. Click on 'Upload Users' button
  5. Browse and select the file as given above with your own user list
  6. Click on Upload

If above steps are followed, then the group name need not be specified in the file for each user. All users uploaded will be added to the newly created group.


Once you upload the list, the system will automatically send an invitation email to all the users with a link to your site. The users will have to follow that link and set a password. Once they set a password, it immediately gets them logged into their account.


  • You may later move them to a different group or even add them into another group. A single user can exist in multiple groups at a time

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