This article illustrates how you can create a Test directly inside TestVita.

Required Inputs:

  • None. You may start creating directly if you know the content. Else, you can choose to start with the questions, it's answer, solution etc in any format.

Steps - Create test:

  1. Login to your Edoola site
  2. Go to Manage / Content page (By default, you will land on Inbox page after you login)
  3. Click on 'Add Content'
  4. Click on 'Create Test'
  5. Give a name to the test and specify the duration (in minutes)
  6. Choose a test type. (Select Assessment if you want a timed test for which users can see results or Evaluation if scores are not to be seen by user)
  7. Do not check 'Dynamic Test' for now. We will try that later. This way, we are creating a test with a Fixed set of questions.
  8. Type in Instructions if you want the user to know certain things before he/she takes the test.
  9. Click on 'Save'
  10. Click on 'Add' or 'Add Question' button. You will see a screen as shown below.

Create Question

Steps - Add Question:
  1. The default type is MCQ (Single answer multiple choice question). You may change the type. [For now, we continue with MCQ]
  2. Specify the Subject&Topic if required in the given field. For example, you could give it as "Math, Arithmetic, Division" [Subject, Topic, SubTopic]
  3. Choose a Level [Easy, Medium or Difficult]
  4. Specify Marks and NegativeMarks if required. [By default, Marks is 1]
  5. Check the the 'Shuffle' checkbox on if you want the options to be shuffled each time it is deliverd to a user
  6. Ignore Passage Reference. That is required if you have a 'Reading Comprehension' type Question.
  7. Type in the Question (or copy paste if you have it ready). [You may use all kind of formatting available, drag and drop images, add a video etc]
  8. Type in answer options(or copy paste if you have it ready). [There may be images here too]
  9. Click on the appropriate radio button for the option which is correct [You may change from A,B,C,D which is default to anything you wish]
  10. Click on 'Add Solution' if you want to give an explanation for the answer or even a hint.
  11. Click on 'Save'

The question is ready. You may add multiple such questions, each of a different type if required.

Finally, click on 'Preview' button to see how the test will appear for the user. You may also answer, submit the test and check the scores.

Time required to execute steps: Less than 1 minute per question if content is ready.

Further Scope:

  • Controlling other parameters of the test like Grading system, Enabling Calculator, Enabling LaTex, Allowing Interrruption protection for the test etc.