Supported document types

These are apart from videos which you can embed into documents or add separately.

PDF files:

Any PDF file including PPT files (from MS Powerpoint) which are converted to PDF are supported. It is advisable to convert PPTs to PDF files if there are no animations, interactions or audio and video files involved. Else, the HTML5 format is preferred.

PDF files are shown with controls like

  • Full screen
  • Full width
  • Full height
  • Original

HTML5 presentations:

HTML5 documents are ideal for creating engaging presentations since it allows for user interaction, animations, audio and videos to be included within. You may upload presentations created using tools like Articulate storyline or Adobe Captivate. A convenient way to convert your PPTs (including all animations, audio, video) to HTML5 documents is to use tools like iSpring Converter and HTML5Point from Digital Office Pro. 

HTML Documents:

You can create HTML documents directly using our Rich Text Editor or copy paste an externally created HTML file. Include images or even videos. HTML documents are perfect for reading / viewing even on tablets or smart phones.

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